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Monthly Archives: January 2008

The other night Adam and I were perusing my blog when we discovered that his Demo reel had been ripped off. We were in total disbelief, but once we overcame the initial shock we came to the conclusion that Adams demo is 100% better than the ape bot rip off. Check this video out and see what i mean, RIP OFF!


This is honestly the funniest clip I have seen in awhile. I love it, be aware that this is a little creepy, but AWESOME! I would love to have some Bailey’s so creamy beige with Old Greg!

If you like funny check this out!

I am having a hard time finding things to write about, and I have to admit that blogging really isn’t my favorite thing to do so that makes it even harder. I have to find new things to talk about and increase my presence on the internet. I guess I could talk about the movies I like or don’t like, but to me thats a waste of time because no matter what everyone has a different opinion then I would. Lets take Cloverfield for example, I liked it a lot! But the people that I talk with everday hate it, even though non of them have spent the money or taken the time to go see it for themselves. Sometimes its like they don’t have an opinion for themselves, they just say what they think people want to hear. Well not me, the last thing that I need is some angry person blogging about something that they didn’t even take the time to watch.

Enough about that, I need to find a way to get my name out there on the internet, because right now when you Google Stephanie Cates the first person that comes up is some girl that blogs about god, and that is not me. I worry that people might actually think that this is me writing about God but its not! I wouldn’t know what to write about if I were to write about god, so please don’t mistake me for the god blogger, its not me! and never will be me!

This is a blog about nothing. I really don’t have much to say, except what has been said above.

Thanks For stopping by!

During last weeks Internet Technology class we started using Google Readers, we were encouraged to use RSS feeds for sites that we liked.  I picked Star magazine, because I love all the gossip I can get.  I find it very interesting and fun, I get to be in the know with whats going on with all my favorite celebs!

Check it out!

Stiff Cat!

As part of my Internet technologies class we were asked to find three blogs that discussed what part of the industry we are mostly interested in. I have chosen three that I find interesting and relate to visual effects and animation, which I am interested in. I must state that I am not an artist and I am mostly interested in producing or project managing in a vfx related company.

I find that these three blogs that I have chosen are very interesting as well as informative. All around a great way to find out whats out there.



This is a clip of Adam’s demo reel from when he was at VFS.

This is the first blog I have ever done, so please don’t judge me I am new at this.

I guess I should start off explaining who I am and why I am writing a blog in the first place.

Well my name is Steph and I live in Vancouver.  I am currently in my last term at Vancouver Film School with a focus in Entertainment Business Management.  As part of my “Internet Technologies” class we were asked to start a blog and use it, so thats exactly what I am doing.  I have no idea what to write about right now but I am sure within the next few days something will come to mind.

I look forward to sharing stories with whoever has a chance to check out this blog and I hope that you all enjoy this.  Also I really don’t know who is going to be reading this and if its just one person, well I guess I am somewhat of a loser.

Thanks for stopping by.