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lost-season2-mynd3.jpgLet me start off with WTF! Honestly I am so stoked on this season, but my mind is spinning out of control right now. I need to know who made it off the Island, what went wrong, who is still on the island, and why is Hurley sorry he went with Lock not Jack? I have so many questions! I can’t wait to see where this season goes. The thing about the producers and creators leaking that there is only going to be three more seasons gets me thinking of the possible ways to fill three more years if we already know that they get off the island.

We know that 6 people returned to their lives, but something terrible is weighing on their minds. Hurley is going crazy, Jack is an alcoholic, and someone was in a coffin and no one went to that persons funeral.

My predictions are that the Oceanic 6 realize what they have done (I don’t know what that is yet) and go back to the island. That will probably happen next season. As for this season its going to be all about them getting off the island and what happened to the remaining survivors of the Oceanic flight that crashed on a mysterious island. There are still so many questions that need to be answered, like what the eff is black monster thing? what happened the Micheal and Walt? Why can Desmond see the future? who’s coming to save them? Where is Penny? Whats going on with that cabin in the middle of the jungle with something named Jacob? who is right Lock or Jack. WTF I need answers.


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  1. Desmond started seeing the future after the explosion in the hatch. It could have something to do with all the electro magnetism, and pre cognition tests that the dharma initiative were doing…

    Like somehow they were harnessing all that electro magnetism because its connected somehow to the tests?

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