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Now that LOST is back on the air I will be changing my blog slightly and will be focusing on the fourth season of LOST. Things that you can look forward to are: weekly episode reviews, recaps, and general discussion about the show. I like to put the pieces together and that might involve some back tracking within the series. I would like to warn you that if you have not seen an episode this blog could spoil it for you. So please only read after you have watched the episode. From now on my blog will be all about LOST!



  1. ORLY??

    you should get into a podcast called “Lost Cast” you subscribe through itunes. and then you can upload it to your Ipod. Great podcast about Lost TONS of info. If your going to do your blog on Lost you should listen to this. its great. I’ll show you some shit later if you want.

  2. Thanks I can’t wait! Show me what to do and I will friggin do it.

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