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Well what can I say about last weeks episode of Lost?  I guess I could say it was pretty good.  They didn’t answer much, but then again they never do.  I think the best part was when Locke asked Ben what the “Black Smoke Monster” was because I have been wanting someone to ask that question since season 1.

A lot of people were angry with the episode because instead of focusing on what happened in the last episode they started to introduce new characters, which I thought was a good idea because we need to know who they are and why they are there before we can move on to how they got off the island.

I am confused about the Oceanic Airplane that was found on the bottom of the ocean? We know that the plane arrived on the island with the survivors.  The tail end was on one side of the island and the front on the other.  How did a plane get to the bottom of the ocean, maybe it was another Oceanic flight 815? Also what was up with the Polar Bear in the desert?  Is there other locations that Dharma has set up around the world?  Another thing…was it really Walt that John spoke to in the cabin?  we know that he has some sort of supernatural powers but what about that picture of Jack’s dad sitting in the chair at the cabin.  what about jack’s dad? How is he tied into this, there is no way that the man is dead, he is alive and he is the reason that Jack is on that island.  I saw a clip where jacks dad is in the jungle with Walt’s dog and he tells the dog to go and wake Jack, because he has work to do!  WTF this show is so awesome. when was the last time you watched a show that made you think this hard and that you actually couldn’t wait to find out what the meaning is.

I can’t wait for next week!



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  1. Theres some space time theories, that could explain a bunch.

    They are thinking that when desmond F’f up and tested the hatch the first time which caused the crash, Flight 815 split into 2 different times…one crashed in the ocean, the other on the island.

    There is some sort of magnetic field covering the island that causes time to move slowly, hence walts aging. “the prodicers said they planned on the young actor aging faster, as a part of the overall plot.

    And Charlie that was alive, is another charlie that split in time….

    There was a video with a rabbit thats on youtube, that deals with spacetime, where they clone a rabbit and freak out when it appears in the same vicinity as the original….

    remind me and I’ll show you!

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