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Call Me Crazy!

This is not a usual topic for a lost blog but I felt that it was important to talk about a blog (Call Me Crazy) that invites interesting views on everything! From topics about the most annoying people on TV (which was really great), to blogs about the unrelenting pain of spending valentines day alone. Call Me Crazy is refreshing. I love reading posts that say everything that I have been wanting to say, but couldn’t. This blog is something that all women can relate, somewhere that offers humor and realistic insight.

I stumbled upon this blog when i was looking for comments about LOST. The Blogger had a write up about the show that quickly turned into a lust fest over Evangeline Lilly. I wondered to myself, how many people actually watch the show just for her? I must say she is hot, but I prefer to watch the show for Matthew Fox, but to each their own!

Read it, love it!




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    • brunettefireball
    • Posted February 20, 2008 at 7:45 pm
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    you rock at Lost Blogs!

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