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The name of this blog says it all…well not really. If you are confused I will clear it up for you. I am going to be writing about LOST (the TV show) I am using this blog as a way to communicate what I think about the show as well as to hear from you (my readers) what your opinions about the show are.

This blog is dedicated to the awesomeness that is LOST. I want to hear all the hidden information that other people have found within an episode of LOST. I want your help getting to the bottom of the LOST barrel. This show is so crazy and there are so many things going on that most viewers can’t pick up on, but with help from other LOST fans I can put all the pieces together and really love the show even more.

I wanna here from viewers of the show, I want you to tell me what you think, know and discovered about the island, cast, and story.

I look forward to hearing from LOST fans.



  1. I cant wait to find out more and more about LOST!! I know it has been off the air for several years but that’s going to be the magic that helps us solve this little mystery wrapped in a riddle!!! Cant wait for this sh*t to get REAL!!!

    • Looks like I remembered my password. Time to get blogging

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