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This season if so fucking awesome! The more and more I hear about this season the more I am stoked on it. I love the mystery behind this show, I love always being left wondering what the hell just happened.

Things that I want to address today are

Sayid, Walt, Miles, Frank, Daniel Faraday, Ben, time shifting, and the Oceanic 6.

Last weeks episode was pretty informative, we learned that Sayid and Ben made it off the island, and that Sayid is working for Ben. Ben and Sayid are killing people and I am sure that their targets are members of the Dharma Initiative. In the last episode Sayid met up with a women who he was supposed to kill her boss, turns out she was sent to kill Sayid and she shots him. Ben and Sayid are NOT part of The Oceanic 6, I think that something goes wrong and Sayid cuts a deal with Ben to get off the island. I wonder what is going to happen next week when they show Sayid on the boat!

I wrote last week about some sort of space time shifting that has been happening in the island well last episode confirmed it. Daniel Faraday contacted someone on the boat and asked them to send something over to the island. The package was supposed to hit the island 30 minutes before it actually did. This time shifting information also explains Walt’s growth since season 1. At the end of season 3 when John is left in the pit of bodies to die Walt appears and tells him that he has work to do. walt appeared to be older, and bigger, what is up with that. can’t explain everything except the reason that he is older and bigger and that is because time moves slower on the island. Walt got off the island we think and there for he has returned to normal time.

Jack made a point of saying that they have only been on the island for 100 days, that is 3 and some months, but maybe just maybe in the real world the flight went down over three years ago, or something crazy like that. Lets go back to the first episode of the season and think about the plane that they found at the bottom of the ocean. That plane looked like it could have been there for a few years, certainly longer than three months. Also people are making a huge deal about the Oceanic 6, why are they soooooo famous? It might be because they have been gone for over three years, what do you think about that?

Lets talk about Miles for a minute. What is the deal with him? Also going back to the first or second episodes this season. There was that sequence where Miles is at that older ladies house. he goes up to a bedroom, to exercise a ghostly presence within the room. I am sure that ghost has a lot to do with this season, although I am not sure how it will tie into the story. I have been told that Miles might be able to bend time as well. If you re watch the episode you are supposedly able to see picture frames on the wall. when Miles goes upstairs there are much different pictures then when he comes down. No idea what will happen with that, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Please let me know you opinions of the show, I want to know. I need to know!!!!